Help graf_chokolo to fight against SONY

UPDATE from Dukio: Sony forced us to remove everything or graf_chokolo will going to jail. We can only get the donation page up for the time being.

Guys, i never wanted to take money from anybody for my work. And i always shared my work and code with PS3 developers and community. Recently i was working on bringing Linux to PS3 back, as you all know, unfortunately SONY managed to stop me. Many of you offered donations to help me continue my work and i always declined as you know. But now i really need your help and support in this fight with SONY. Please help me to pay my legal bills which are immensely because i cannot pay them on my own.

Here is my PayPal account:

And here is my bank account for direct transactions:

Alexander Egorenkov
Bank account:3726068
IBAN: DE62600501010003726068

Please donate as much as you can and want.
Thank you in advance.

Guys, just to make sure, my paypal account is OK again. I cleared up everything with paypal a week ago. The donate link above is for my legal fight only !!!

But who wants to sponsor my OtherOS and PS3 development, can donate here, i say to hell with SONY (it’s another paypal account which SONY cannot take away):

And to answer your question “What happens with the remaining money ?”, i intend to give it to CCC club so the club could help other guys like me which get sued by SONY or give it all to some charity organization. I give you my word on that and you know that i keep my word.

1,382 thoughts on “Help graf_chokolo to fight against SONY

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  2. fanboi

    graf, ich möchte dir meinen tiefen respekt ausdrücken und hoffe du konntest deine kosten durch spenden decken und es bleibt auch noch was übrig für die tolle arbeit die du geleistet hast! alles gute und möge der code mit dir sein!

  3. anthony howson

    sony and microsoft are bullies we pay for the hardware which is so poorly constructed it breaks down after a year and have to go out and buy a new 1 dont denie it sony or microsoft you know what im talking about (they cost alot of money) i respect hackers for doing it why should we be banned for illegal software when the ownership is owers you shouldleave us alone t do what we want with ower consoles you dit pay for them we did

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  5. TrollDukio

    Edit: Looks like another troll post. It seems to have been made from the wrong country for Dukio and the same country as our regular troll here. Wait for confirmation, but best to assume it’s wrong. Yup, confirmed troll. It’s over, we have settled for an undisclosed amount of money as long as we never touch the ps3 or any Sony product again and that’s fine by us. Thanks for all the past support, we will have a few drink in the Dominican in your honor. Thanks again for all the money support. time for a long well deserved vacation.

  6. adam

    Hello, is anyone monitoring this site, or do they have any information on whats been happening with graf? Also, note the spam links in the 20 or so comments above this one, site moderator might want to remove them and prevent people posting url links.

  7. RR

    Hi, If you are interested, I recommend you to use the Akismet plugin to filter the spam on your blog. About Graf_chokolo, Any news? Regards

  8. Ben Piefer

    Really great!!, The most appropriate word for this, I’ve been looking for a variety of source and now I’ve found it, so I can immediately resolve the problem that I am facing. thank you


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